My Calling

The Roaring Thunders  

In distress you called, and I delivered you; I answered you in the secret place of thunder…Psalm 81:7.

   Yes, at this my heart trembles, and leaps from its place. Listen carefully to his voice’s thunder and the rumbling that goes out from his mouth. He lets it loose under all the heavens, and his lightning to the earth’s corners. After it, his voice roars; it thunders with his majestic voice, and he does not hold back anything when his voice is heard. God thunders with his voice in marvelous ways; he does great things, and we cannot comprehend . Job:37:1-5.

What is man, that thou art mindful of him ?  and the son of man, that thou visitest him ?  Psalm:8:4.

When the seven thunders started to rumble, I was standing at what seemed like a parade in the dream. People stood in seven ranks and I was there too, standing in the first rank.

The fury of the first thunder sent everyone on parade tumbling down- I did too. After the rumble died down, I stood from the first rank and dashed to  the second  rank and  wedged myself therein – simultaneously closing my ears and eyes in anticipation of another cracking sound: yes, it came – the boisterous thunder cracked again and  rumbled to the ends of the horizons . Up on my feet, I ran into the third rank  and hid myself there ; the rest of the people dared not to move or flinch.

I was pursued like a hunted prey. I ran desperately for cover from one rank to the other till I found myself hiding in the last rank- the seventh one, and the end of my road too.With nowhere to flee,  I got stuck and transfixed: hunching there in the seventh rank, overtaken by fear and terror.

At that instance, a voice  spoke to me from above,” Why are you hiding? Stand up!”

Wanting to see who was speaking to me, I stood up and lifted my eyes above my head; and there he stood in the air, a white cloud flanging round about him. His face so distinct and vivid, I needed no introduction. It was the LORD JESUS.

“Look to your right!”, he instructed me. When I did, again in the atmosphere slightly above the ground, I saw a portrait of a man. I was then asked,” Do you know that man?” I said, “Yes”. When the dream left, that man I saw  was completely a stranger to me. If the man is on earth today, I will meet him for a divine purpose.


They are regarded as God’s mysterious voice. Thunders accompanied the giving of the law on Mount Sinai. Exodus:19:16. God also did put in disarray the armies of the enemy when they came to fight Israel: God roared in a thunder and the Philistines were discomfited and  scattered. 1 Samuel:7:10. When God speaks in thunders, the message is understood by him to whom revelation is given. See- John:12:29, and Revelation:10:4.When God spoke to me in thunders, I knew I was being called for a special mission which later was defined in my life: it was also confirmed and vindicated inter alia  by prophecies, visions and dream.



Screenshot_2016-12-28-23-40-43-1.jpgThen I turned, and lifted up my eyes, and looked, and behold a flying scroll. Zechariah:5:1.

 I have a purpose: so do you: I have a mission ; discover yours too! Understand my sayings, and you will interpret my motives! In my dreams, visions and experiences I have discovered some scriptural assimilation. Are they a mere coincidence, or rather religious gimmicks to mesmerize my followers or readers? God forbid! They are divinely ordained. These powerful and stirring scriptures have given me the strength of a battle horse, to forge my way without fear into the zone of clashing swords.The scriptures do not expressly point to me as the materialization of the  prophecies of old, NO! but they point to the fact that GOD remains the same Yesterday, Today and Forever. The bible is therefore God’s voice echoing back in history: it’s the present voice of the Holy Spirit, that speaks to the bridal church. Rev.2:7; and it’s that future voice that shall roar and clamor like many waters -Rev.1:15, in the days when his brazen feet shall blaze with fire ready to tread on nations that reject him.

Moreover it’s written that all things that happened in the bible happened unto them for example: and were written for our admonition, upon whom the end of the world has come.1 Cor.10:11.  I say the truth in Christ, I lie not, my conscience also  bearing me witness in the Holy Ghost. Bible stories and reports are prototypes of God’s eternal works in every generation.Every generation therefore that misses that, misses God!

Watch  that today !

One night I was standing on a mountain in a dream. God as usual was tracking me down the lane of my calling. In the dreamland,the day was bright, and the skies were clear blue. You know what? When God calls you, he will always track you down, and without ceasing you will be amazed and amused by his works divine.

Watch him in  father Abraham’s life, watch him in Moses, in Gideon and many others: watch how they stood in awe to God’s wonderful works – a vindication and confirmation of their calling.When God attracts a man to a burning bush, it’s a holy bait to divine appointment. Such are his ways to those whom he calls for a divine purpose.

As I stood under the clear blue sky, there appeared a flying scroll; it arrested my attention for it was a  fascinating sight.

The scroll moved with swiftness from one end of heaven to the other.It was like watching a train transverse the expanse of some plains on the country side. I’m trying to portray that the message on the scroll was very long.Whilst I stood there watching, I was able to read only  two words on the scroll: the first word at the top was inscribed in  bold letters and it read – CURTAIN. The last word  at the bottom of the scroll was a name inscribed again in bold letters – NYAMUWOMBA : that was my name! The rest of the contents of the scroll between words- CURTAIN and NYAMUWOMBA were unreadable because it moved with a blinding speed.

When the scroll had flown  from one end of heaven to the other, I saw it descending and it found its way to a nearby  school, some 200 m from were I stood. I rushed down the mountain and scurried to the school yard to observe what this sign and wonder meant. I walked to the school notice  board where I had seen it landing, but when I drew closer, hey! The  scroll disappeared.

There is only one  vision of a flying scroll in the whole bible; that which is recorded in the book of  Zachariah. Now ,if God gave me  experiences similar to those he gave  other bible prophets, I would not be wrong  to attach similar interpretation.The Zachariah scroll carried curses and judgments.

Will this rotten and ungodly generation escape curses and judgments for spurning God’s truth.If God will spare this generation then he is obliged and indebted to go and apologize to the souls he destroyed in the days of Noah and  in the days of Lot!

The flying scroll means the swiftness by which God will exact judgments upon this unbelieving world. The reason the word -CURTAIN appeared at the top of the scroll was to hide the judgments that would soon linger and fall.God is appealing and offering for the last time Amazing Grace before the seven trumpets of judgments will sound for the  tribulation -Revelation chapter 8 and 9.Please take note that when Jesus was  given the book of Isaiah to read in the  synagogue in.Luke:4:17-20, he deliberately omitted part of the scripture that talked of judgement or vengeance but  only read the first part that talked of grace or acceptable year of the LORD. Isaiah:61:2. By doing so, he put a curtain over the message of judgement.See? And the reason why my name appeared at the bottom of the scroll means God has appended my name to the End Time  Message of restoration  that I preach, as it shall be the same message that shall judge the world for spurning God’s truth, even as Apostle Paul puts it , that God shall judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ according to HIS GOSPEL.Romans:2:16.

Now concerning my calling brethren, I will not lie but testify the truth that God called me to restore the foundation of TRUTH, the gospel  that Apostle Paul preached as a master builder: the very gospel and truth that died in the hands of religious dogs during the church ages- right from Nicene Council to the present. This is what prompted Jesus to ask,” When the Son of man shall come, shall he find FAITH on earth.” Luke:18:8.


Father God ,I pray for everyone that has read my messages on this blog site, that  you bless them for being humble in sparing their precious time.Make them fruitful that they may  abound  in  your bounty. Cause them to lack nothing according to your infallible scriptures. Keep them safe and in good health as we await the imminent return of our Lord  Christ Jesus, Amen.



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